We're here to help people and communities thrive! 

Most food available today is downright scary- From GMO's (genetically modified organisms) , to high fructose products, and processed, poorly fed meat & dairy products, there is a terrifying amount of scientific & medical research that shows in no uncertainty; our poor health is often directly related to our poor diet... so when we found out there was a way to combine our love of gardening with the joy of bringing good health (in a delicious way) to people around the world, we jumped in- and haven't looked back!

With the modern day corporate farm & distribution dominance, people are finding it harder and harder to get healthy, organic food... Food grown without toxic fertilizers, pesticides, and hormones. REAL FOOD !!! (imagine that!) Now you can have fresh organic vegetables, herbs, and fish on demand, all the time, all in one place- your own home!! (or community center, church etc.) The DREAM Aquaponics system is truly for everyone!

The system makes a great way to gain food independence- many families worry about economic or supply crashes, pandemics, complete societal collapse, and even apocalypse type scenarios...and they're smart to do so! What would you and your family do if the grocery stores ran out of food? Experts estimate that major markets would have empty shelves within 24 hours... 24 hours! Wouldn't you rather not have to worry about it? Preppers, doomsday believers, and anyone who wants a perpetual source of clean, healthy food will love the DREAM Aquaponics system!

DREAM Aquaponics modules are not only efficient and affordable, they can also be beautiful with our custom finish / facade options! Improve the quality of your loved one's lives, and the value of your home!

We're also dedicated to community & world outreach programs... Together, we can end world hunger, and help everyone (starving or not) get nutritious, non-GMO, organic food... The resources are available, the technology is right here, the only question is: When will we work together and finish the job...?

Please- even if you aren't ready to start gardening / farming on your own, please just research a few facts about the food system in today's world. Start by searching terms like: GMO , Monsanto, Bee die-offs, and diet-related illness...  It will change the way you look at food, and help you protect your family and friends!!

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