What is Aquaponics?

The most efficient and productive method of organic gardening & farming... ever. 

It's the future of Organic 

Farming & Gardening!


DREAM Systems

From beautiful backyards to small balconies-

From church parking lots, living food banks and fire stations to commercial farms & greenhouses...

​​Everything you need 

to start growing!


Free Delivery & Setup!!!

Our Mission

We're here to help people and communities thrive!

 Your loved-ones, neighbors, and the whole world can enjoy fresh nutritious food...independently!

Join the revolution today!

 DREAM Aquaponics gardens are self sustaining- 

They're self-watered, self-fertilized, and self-cleaning!

Detached, Ready to Use, Efficiency based, Aquaponics Modules are extremely efficient, affordable,

and the only Aquaponics system available with (or without) a custom high end finish / facade that compliments the beauty of your space!

They're also perfect for large scale, community, and commercial projects! 

See it in action at the bottom of this page!!

Grow your own organic, non-GMO vegetables, herbs, fruits and fish 

 with the world's only Detached, Ready to use, Efficiency based, Aquaponics Module... 

The system literally pays for itself, and the return on your investment (and health) never ends!

See it in Action!

The DREAM Aquaponics Module below is the same module as the one to the left, 3 weeks  later!!

Just look at how big, healthy , and delicious everything looks! In just 21 days!! 

Bottom Right:  The same DREAM Aquaponics Module with a custom slate facade...

bottom row: faux stone paneling

top right: custom slate finish

top left: commercial system (no facade / finish

Dream Aquaponics
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Phone: 909-723-7330 Website: http://dreamaquaponics.com/

Above: A simple 'Flood & Drain System' with one water & one aerator pump... the same easy, reliable concept used in DREAM Aquaponics systems. It also has great Aquaponics info from LeafyGills.com

​Below: A full scale, much more complicated version of a commercial system with  sump tanks & multiple housings...plus great info from Purdue University and their Aquaponics Library.

All you need is a 4' x 4' space, and a beautiful DREAM Aquaponics garden!

Each 4' x 4' unit can provide enough healthy vegetables and organic fish protein to supplement a balanced diet for a small family...You'll save thousands of dollars, and live a healthier life! It can produce over 100 lbs. of fish & 700 heads of lettuce annually!!!  (you can grow almost anything)


The system can be expanded to any number of units, with up to 4 grow tables per reservoir!

contact us to learn more about custom / large scale applications

DREAM Aquaponic systems are the most efficient, cost-effective, 

and beautiful way to help feed your family, office, station, or neighborhood! 

We even deliver it, prepare it, and install it for free! 

​*Free in So-Cal, freight shipping available elsewhere!

All Inclusive Parts List Available Here